Darling Call the Coast Guard that Boat is Listing

Book Cover: Darling Call the Coast Guard that Boat is Listing

Liveaboard Catherine Dook has once again combined domestic arts with boating skills, this time making steady progress with both. Having returned from her offshore adventure with John, John and John, she and her husband (John) have settled back into the erratic rhythms of life at Mottle Cove and destinations nearby....continue reading....

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Publisher: Mottle Cove Publishing
Reviews:Simon Hill, former editor of Pacific yachting and Boat Journal wrote:

Whether she’s creating disasters in the galley, mishandling mooring lines, or battling recalcitrant marine plumbing, Canada’s most endearingly inept boater approaches life (and her nutty dockside neighbours) with a why humour that’s sure to draw a chuckle from boaters and non-boaters alike.

Anthony Dalton, nautical and adventure author wrote:

Catherine Dook continues to delight her readers with the ongoing adventures and misadventures of the liveaboard boating community at Mottle Cove. Read, laugh and learn as Catherine’s wonderful tales unfold. Sheer pleasure.

Anne Yeadon-Jones, on Dreamspeaker Cruising Guides wrote:

Another winner for Catherine Dook! “Darling Call the Coast Guard, that Boat is Listing” is her third book in this highly collectable series. Catherine has a distinctive talent in turning the ordinary into the extraordinary – and she does it with wit and style.

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......Docking in, anchoring out and breaking down, explore the Gulf Islands through the eyes of one of Canada’s funniest boating writers.Meet eccentric marine mechanics (the Dooks know them all), Oliver – the neighbours’ cat – who always asks for more; Reg, the coffee shop owner who insults his customers, plus old friends like Fast-Food Ed and son, Rupert. Enjoy! ...back to top