Darling Call the Coast Guard the Neighbours are Squabbling

Book Cover: Darling Call the Coast Guard the Neighbours are Squabbling

“Darling Call the Coast Guard the Neighbours are Squabbling”, published by Mottle Cove Publishing, is a series of short stories about liveaboard life. Mottle Cove – a liveaboard community where the weapons of choice are Reggae CDs and police tape, where the Dooks’ son Rupert writes an in memorium notice for a plastic SpongeBob, and where Leroy’s natural resemblance to a garden gnome is irresistible to his neighbours.

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Publisher: Mottle Cove Publishing
Reviews:Chuck Gould, Editor, Author, and Musician on Bluewatercruising wrote:

“. . . every woman and every man who enjoys a philosophical snapshot of a happy and humble liveaboard community, served up with a heavy dose of classy and inventive humor, should also have a copy of Darling Call the Coast Guard, the Neighbours are Squabbling! One begins page one as a reader, but reluctantly closes the final cover feeling more like a neighbour.”