Catherine’s New Books

Hot off the presses! 

Three new titles are being driven to Mill Bay from the bindery even as we speak!  These new titles are a departure from my boating books – they explore the misspent childhood of a young girl named ‘Jessica’ who grew up in Churchill, Manitoba 50 years ago, which coincidentally I did.

The books are strictly fiction, but to be safe, I got my parents to agree to not sue me.
Enjoy Jessica’s antics as she digs through the gravel in her front yard with her mother’s best dessert spoon to replant flowers with a three-foot taproot.  Agonize with her as she worries about what fabric the Hudson Bay Company will put on sale in time for Hallowe’en and her costume,  Mourn with her when her friend is killed by a pack of dogs.

Ever wondered what it was like to grow up in a small Arctic village? Now you know.The books are suggested for 12 and up, but with parental oversight, would be great for younger children as well.

So here they are –

Jessica and the Polar Bear (even the cubs bite!)

Jessica and the Dog (some dogs aren’t friendly)

Jessica and the Plane (some planes land hard)

I’ll be pushing these and my other titles at the Boat Show in Vancouver Feb 6 to 10. John and I will be at the Marine Author’s Booth, and I’ll be making some presentations as well – cooking with nonstandard appliances on a boat (5 pm Feb 7), and ‘Anchoring in the Gulf Islands – tips for the anxious first mate’ (12 pm Feb 6 and 3:15 pm Feb 8)
See you there!

Vancouver Boat Show – Feb 6 to 10, 2019