School’s Out!

Well, thank goodness. School’s done, and I lived. I’ve spent the last couple of days mucking about the boat doing laundry, changing bed linen, scrubbing mold out of corners, and re-sewing the Velcro fastening on my home-made mizzen sail cover. The sail cover was not a very professional job to begin with, but in recent years it had fallen on even harder times, and it was a very sad looking rag indeed before I took it in hand. I washed it (on the QT – I didn’t want to be caught in public with anything that grotty) in a public laundry, then slapped a bit of Velcro in place and sewed it. Doesn’t that sound easy? “I sewed it.” This involved quite a lot of swearing because my sewing machine is an old singer that doesn’t do well with thick or heavy fabric, and the sail cover had stiffened with age and UV damage, and besides the thread I used was horrible springy UV-resistant stuff that is far too heavy a gauge for my machine. More than four stitches threw my tension all for heck, so I snarled a bit and re-threaded and thrashed about until the job was done. Not done well, but done. The stitching will probably last a couple of years, or about as long as the sail cover will. By then we should have enough cash to invest in more Sunbrella fabric so we can start all over again.
I haven’t many skills, but I have a varied and imaginative vocabulary.
We’re waiting on a fuel sensor, which is absolutely the last installation before we head out to ‘do’ the Gulf Islands.
I spent yesterday pitching article ideas to boating magazine editors, bless their buttons. I’ve collected kill fees from most of them, so I live in hope. My next lot of article ideas will be for RV magazine editors, but I’m not too optimistic because most of the RV magazines I have seen are hideous up-market things intent on selling hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of rolling real estate to gullible rich people. My last RV magazine publisher retired and ceased publication. Her style was down-home and aimed at actual people who actually camped, and she appreciated my humour enough to publish it. Many years ago an RV magazine editor told me “Your article brings discredit to RVing,” at which point a) I knew the article was really funny, and b) I knew I wasn’t publishable in shiny RV magazines.
So if anyone spots a small, grotty RV magazine, please let me know. I would be very interested in writing for them.
John Darling is going bald on top, so he has taken to wearing hats indoors. He will be adorable with or without hair, so I’m not as fussed as he is. Also, he’s been through internal bleeding and a horrible bout with cancer, so by contrast, a little hair loss and I’m doing the hornpipe on the deck with joy.
And there I will close – with joy.