Summer in the Sun

Now that our daytank is clean as the Disney Channel, we have great expectations that we shall go sailing. Of course, before that we must fix the daytank sensor, a niggling problem which John Darling has been working on for a month. The proper Cowichan Bay way of doing things is to a) look at the problem, b) ask advice from the guys who hang around the Lighthouse CafĂ©, and then c) say you haven’t got the right tools. We’ve taken several runs at the daytank, which is hidden in the back of our engine room. This is bad, because both of us are far too old to crawl into THAT engine room. It is a place nobody enters willingly. The streaks of condensation, the rust, the diesel fumes, the flakes of paint, the probably live wires dangling down. . . there is nothing attractive about that space. There’s likely no danger from the dangling wires, because over the years John Darling has tested all of them. It was early in our liveaboard lives that I once heard a loud ‘bang’, every breaker in the boat blew, and John Darling crawled out of the engine room looking quite pleased with himself. At that moment I was nearly made a widow.
I’ve spent the last few weeks slogging in a classroom. Substitute teaching is easy. You swan in and swan out, you get to actually teach, and there’s no pressure to do much or know anything except your subject, and after work you go home and drink a lovely cup of coffee and watch DVDs of British detective shows.
The sustained craziness of being in the same classroom for a few weeks, especially at year’s end, is enough to do in the most stalwart educator. Suddenly, I’m awake nights worried about students who haven’t turned in enough work. (They’re probably not lying awake worrying about it). I’m hunched over piles of papers marking. I’m planning a ‘MacBeth’ party. (cranberry juice in wineglasses, awards for my readers like ‘Most graceful corpse’ and a party game of ‘McDuff find the murderer’) I’m apologizing to the librarian because I swiped 25 copies of MacBeth out of the bookroom without having any idea they were supposed to be checked out. I’m trying to figure out how to use the Provincial mark-recording website without being able to sign in (The principal, bless his heart, came to the realization that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks in time for the year-end deadline). Christians 2, Lions 4.
But this weekend the marking is done, the report cards are done, and I’m done in. I’m ready for a lovely cup of coffee and an episode of ‘Inspector Morse’. I shall knit socks. I shall pitch ideas to magazine editors. I shall finish editing my next book. No – wait. I shall take a nap.
May this summer weather bring you much happiness.