“Darling, Don’t Try This at Home” – Recipes from Mottle Cove

“Darling, Don’t Try This at Home” – Recipes from Mottle Cove

“Catherine can’t cook. She really can’t.”

So begins Catherine’s culinary journey onboard the s/v Inuksuk. Follow her adventures and musings as, armed with Mrs. Beeton’s Cookery Book, circa 1860, she fights with a diesel oven, experiments with a pressure cooker, finds solace in the comforting arms of a crock pot, learns to light a nautical barbeque and embraces a two-burner hotplate. Only a fool would bake cakes in a crock pot, fry bannock while under way, fight off starlings during a barbeque or try to make vats of blackberry jam with a 1,000 watt burner.

Fortunately, Catherine is not hampered by wisdom.

Enjoy Catherine’s adventures through the challenges of thinned-out volts and finding enough Sears Catalogues to light fires in the diesel fire pot, and appreciate her happiness when, near the end of the book, she achieves the pinnacle of refrigeration.

Will Catherine become a Stepford Wife?

Don’t try this at home.

Back-handed praise for “Darling, Don’t Try This at Home”

“This is one weird cookbook.”
John Dook, husband of the author

“We heard from seagull-lovers as far away as California. You’re fired.”
– Editor, Boat Journal Magazine, 2002

“Please, please, do not try this at home. John is right. This really is one weird cook book, but it is fun to read. Working with it?…Hmm.”
Anthony Dalton, author and editor

“Catherine Dook has surpassed herself with “Darling, Don’t try this at Home”.  Filled with hilarious and wild stories of Catherine’s cooking adventures and misadventures, this is the most readable cookbook ever!!”

– Anne Yeadon-Jones, Co-author Dreamspeaker  Cruising Guides