Happy Easter!

To celebrate spring we’ve been fixing the broken bits on our boat. “Broken bits?” you may ask. “Surely as liveaboards you do constant maintenance.” Ah, yes. We do. However, this is an old boat, and even though we keep up a frantic pace, there are times when the boat wins.

Take last week for example. John and I had both came down with a virus hideous in its discomfort. They use the same word for childbirth – ‘discomfort’, but I digress. We noticed, about the same time, that our drinking water was full of detergent bubbles and diesel. This is a bad thing that denotes backflow from the bilge. But where? We racked our aching brains. The water pressure pump was going off a lot, which meant there was a leak somewhere. We didn’t know where. The hot water was more dieselly than the cold water, so perhaps the breach in a pipe was in the engine room, where the hot water tank is. But the engine room was full of particularly disgusting bilgewater that would have to be pumped out. And before we did any of that, we had to fix the fuel transfer pump which we were going to pump the bilgewater out with, and find some buckets to put the bilgewater in.

So we found four plastic buckets in a thrift store for $2.00 each. Then we fixed the fuel transfer pump and pumped the bilge, put soaker pads on top of the bilgewater now in the buckets and covered them with plastic bags so the rainwater wouldn’t dilute the diesel and undo our good work. John crawled into the engine room to inspect the hot water tank line. No leaks. We paused to rethink what we were doing. Then we decided that detergent in the diesel denoted backflow from the bilge John had put detergent in, so we inspected the bilge in the galley and found a suspicious overflow pipe from one of our coldwater tanks that might have been the culprit. We cut it and tied it off. THEN we flushed the tanks, but not before John Darling opened a porthole and ran a garden hose into the galley sink so we’d have running water.

I married a creative man.

And our colds are getting better.

May your Easter be blessed, may your joys be many, and may the love in your life fill you with happiness.