Saturday Morning

John Darling with his clever repair

John Darling with his clever repair

It’s Saturday Morning, and I’m sitting in front of my computer trying to think of something witty to say. On Saturday mornings I am short on wit.

However, I had a wonderful moment last week. On Friday at lunch I passed by a classroom where a teacher was sitting at a piano and belting out ‘House of the Rising Sun’ in a rich contralto. So help me, it made my week. “It’s Friday and the children are squirrely,” she told me later, “So why not?” Indeed. Perhaps that should be my motto – stop and sing ‘House of the Rising Sun’ when things get too exciting. If ONLY I could fit a piano on the boat. Instead I shall take my recorder with me wherever I go in case I need to stop what I’m doing and play music.

John Darling has installed a shiny new marine stove in our galley. Unlike the propane Finnish model we bought cheap off an old fishboat some 15 years ago, this one WORKS. I’ve turned it on and everything, and even nearly burned out my first pot, so steady is the flame and so persistent my inattention while cooking.

Speaking of cooking, my next book (planned for next January) will be called, “Darling, Don’t Try This at Home – Recipes from the s/v Inuksuk”

It is in its final author edits, and will go off to my wonderful Editor Anthony Dalton as soon as I warn him it’s coming.

My Chrysler LeBaron ragtop has gone cheap to a deserving home. Before I gave up on it, the gas cap flap sprang open and stayed there because the catch had disappeared into the body of the car, never to be found. So John Darling drilled a BRASS BOLT across the lip of the flap. I was heart-scalded to let that go with the car because nobody else in BC has one of those, but the new owner actually appreciated the wit and workmanship that had gone into that repair.

I am driving a new-to-me blue Kia which is buzzing along with great industry and I think happiness.

We are well, and I hope you are too.

May you enjoy many blessings.