Back from the Vancouver International Boat Show!

Don’t pay the ransom – we escaped!  By Saturday, there was a huge empty ‘zombie’ space in the middle of my cranium, but we met a lot of really neat people, a bunch of old friends, and other writers, some of whom qualify as both!  I got to wave across the room at author Anthony Dalton, my wonderful editor, who once again outsold me, and I got to hug Anne Yeadon-Jones, who had been nice enough to write praise for the back covers of my books.  Eric and Leona Skovgaard’s book on radios was a huge hit, and Alan Boreham was back with his book ‘Beer in the Bilges’.

I sold enough books to pay for our ferry fares and a week-long stay in a two-star hotel.  Well, hey – the sheets were clean and the staff was friendly and helpful and we were within walking distance of the Boat Show. Such a pity it poured rain. . . John Darling spotted a mouse in the hallway, and the walls looked sticky, and the kitchen was pretty frightening, and also the coverlets had cigarette burns, but we had a great time and will probably go again next year, provided the health inspectors don’t get there first.

But that’s unkind – I’m sure the disinfectant they sprayed in the hallways kept things hygienic.

We stayed in two-star hotels in London, and even though the buildings were a little more appealing, with one exception, the staff was not as friendly.  So there.  I married adventure.  My friend Sandra says, “Don’t you know yet to not trust John on living arrangements?  Not enough experience????”  She may be right.

Our friend Screaming Liver has sold his boat to Iron Mike and moved onto land.  He’s presently living in a 5th wheel at the pierhead.  This is a good arrangement, because we are accustomed to Screaming Liver popping his head out of his boat and giving us a cheery hello.  Now even though he’s a dirt dweller, we get to see him all the time.

“Don’t push me!” Anthony Dalton snapped at me as we were taking down the BC Marine Author display.  I laughed like crazy.  He is so pissy and so smart, and he edits as well as he writes.

We’re glad to be home.

Many blessings to you all,