Docked for the Winter

John Darling is upset with me. I’ve signed him up for a gala evening at the Senior Citizen Centre on New Year’s Eve. John, who is 15 years older than me, does not want to admit he is old. But worse than that, he does not want to dance. However, the tickets are bought, and we are committed.

This year our tarp is a thing of beauty – well, as beautiful as tarps get. THIS year we measured so we didn’t buy something twice the length we needed that we had to fold into thirds and tie into place with the ends flapping. Sewing a set of interior cushion covers earlier this season taught me the value of measuring things before you forge forward. This is a lesson I’ve learned late – so late I’m eligible to enjoy New Year’s Eve at the Senior Centre, but life is the kind of experience that one either relishes or resists. I’m sure John will enjoy dancing.

The rain has discouraged by-law officers. They seem like the sunlight, and are reluctant to show themselves under the drear skies of winter. John and I were keenly interested in their last lot of pink notices , but now we’ve read them all we want to know if they have a new set, with a message more startling or original.

“Stop Work” wasn’t all that great a message. Substitute teaching has been so slow this fall, I nearly did “Stop Work”. Luckily, I have other things to do, and another “Darling’ book on the way.

Many blessings.