Two weeks in Cowichan Bay – some quiet grizzling.

Our boat is bust. Yes, bust. We have a little problem with a fuel lift pump we should look into asap, but our marine mechanic says he is busy. I see him every now and then tootling around the village in his hot little sports car, the wind ruffling through his beard. He should feel guilty he’s not helping us with our niggling problem, but he doesn’t look the least bit guilty.

So this weekend while I’m delivering my Paul back to Edmonton via Greyhound (I expect near-death experiences and to get yelled at), the man I love will attempt to fix the problem. Yes, fix it.
He shall crawl into the engine room and rip out hoses and look at them. He is very clever.

I spent the last week sewing and fitting cushion covers. I finished them yesterday, then last night it rained and the cushions were baptized with drips from the deckhead. Yessss! They are now REAL boat cushions.

Paul and I volunteered this summer for the local FruitSave organization. We pick other people’s fruit, then donate 1/3 to the tree owner, 1/3 to charity and we get to keep the last 1/3. We scored enough apples and plums and pears to do a bit of jam-making, though my best propane element is firing inconsistently and melting the element. I hope I can make it through the last batch of pear jam, then we’re in the market for a new propane oven.

And now a word about by-law officers.

The fluorescent pink notices they tacked up all over the Bay have faded to dull grey, and everybody is ignoring them. Business is being transacted, hot-dogs are being sold, and though nobody is taking nor hammer nor nail to the structures (in strict accordance with their directive), our lives are unimpacted by the by-law visit, bless their hearts.

They are welcome back here any time.

In Yellowknife, NWT, however, things are different. You can access YouTube and type in ‘Yellowknife by-law’ to enjoy a video of Yellowknife by-law officers wrestling a 60 year old man with a medical condition to the ground as punishment for not wearing a full seat belt, on account of his recent operation.


You’ll be glad to know the gentleman is suing everybody.

So you see, our by-law officers are wonderful, polite people with pink notices and thumbtacks. We should appreciate them.

love to you all, and many blessings.

Catherine Dook