Hauling the Boat

Tomorrow we shall leave the pink notices of Cowichan Bay behind us and haul our patooties to Maple Bay.  There we shall tie up overnight in anticipation of being hauled on Friday morning.  We have 44 feet of bottom to paint.  Anyone who wishes to help will be given a bologna sandwich and a lukewarm rootbeer at 4-hour intervals.  So far nobody has ever taken us up on this offer.

Wish us luck!

I guess this means today was my last day teaching for the year.  I am rejoiced.

To celebrate I made crock-pot soup of surpassing wonderfulness – a combination of sausage and yam and chick peas that tastes better than the sum of its ingredients.  Tomorrow as we motor down Sansum Narrows toward Maple Bay, I shall bake muffins to calm myself.  The first voyage of the year always rattles me.  I wish we could ROW there.  I find rowing very soothing.  Unfortunately, our vessel weighs 47,000 pounds and doesn’t row easily.  I imagine.  I’ve never been fool enough to try.

It’s past my bedtime, so I should retire.  Goodnight, dear friends.

Catherine Dook