Pink Notices and More

Around here, we read pink notices for fun.  What do they say?  They say, “Stop Work”.  Since most of us are not interested in work at all, we have taken this to heart.  Stop Work indeed!  Lots of us have never STARTED work.

Apparently, the CVRD wants someone to perform some construction work on the buildings.  But how can construction be performed if work must be stopped?  Enquiring minds want to know.

In the mean time, the notices add local flavour and colour to an already outstandingly funky neighbourhood, so we have just grown accustomed to them, like the paint someone spilled down the length of the docks a couple of years ago that’s still there, or the mint growing on the pierhead (free food!).

Substitute teaching continues to be outstandingly lucrative since the last strike, and John and I should be rolling in boat parts.  We looked at some upholstery fabric today.  I was especially interested in cushion fabric with a pattern of regular squares.  Even I couldn’t screw that up, or so I think.  Our present cushions are past ‘shabby’ and into ‘disintegration’.  Daily I mourn the passing of acrylic upholstery fabric.  The last stuff lasted 30 years.  Yes, it was ugly for 30 years, but it LASTED.

Even uglier was the upholstery picked out by the DPW for John’s furniture in the wilds of Kugluktuk.  The entire community had the same fabric.  It was fences and barns in a flocked 70s brown fabric – absolutely unique in its hideousness, itchiness and durability.  Anyway, my point is. . . in the fabric store John is drawn irresistibly toward fabrics with pictures on them.  This is a very bad personality trait I must train him out of.  I like boxes.  You can cut along the lines.

My latest book, ‘Darling Call the Coast Guard, the Neighbours are Squabbling!’ continues to jog along, and is selling briskly at Pier 66 Convenience Store.

May many blessings fall upon you!

Catherine Dook