Catherine Dook – grade 1 teacher for the day

The real joy of substitute teaching is that every situation is temporary.  On good days one leaves saying, “My, what a great day.  What a good class.  What a delightful school.”  On rotten days one escapes in a hurry thinking, “Thank Heaven I never have to return, and if I have any brains at all, I won’t.”

Today was a good day.  The little people were short but delightful.

I came home to find even more pink notices tacked onto walls of structures about the docks.  There is a nearby by-law officer who has gone mad.  Rumour has it that a disaffected merchant made a discreet phone call to the powers that be to protest Phil’s new hot-dog stand, but would that explain the pink attacks on the local realtor and our inoffensive, partly-built shower that’s been sitting at the bottom of the dock for a couple of years with nobody taking any notice of it whatsoever?  And the floating storage shed next to the s/v Salted Rim – what has IT done to offend?  (though someone said the storage shed notice was a mistake – a by-law officer thought it was a floating sewage barge.  I hope the owner of Salted Rim is offended.)

When I get bored of an evening, I stroll out on the docks to read the pink notices.  Around here, the drama is better than TV.

many blessings to you all,

Catherine Dook