By-law Officers – quick – hide!

The Bay has been crawling with by-law officers armed with pink notices and thumb tacks.  There is some kind of drama going on between our marina owners and the CVRD, bless their buttons.  Nobody knows what’s up, but rumours are flying through the air as thick as snowflakes in the Maritimes and speculation reigns supreme.  Is there some sinister force at work?  Has some disaffected member of the community got the CVRD on speed-dial?  Enquiring minds want to know.  I’ve sent my paint-splattered husband out to investigate.  One investigates in Cowichan Bay by putting on sneakers and hanging around the outside edge of a group to eavesdrop.  Or going for coffee at Heidi’s Lighthouse Café in the mornings, but she’s closed on Mondays, and besides, it’s the wrong time of the day.

I’ll keep you informed.

My new book, ‘Darling Call the Coast Guard the Neighbours are Squabbling!’ is selling briskly.  With luck I won’t lose my shirt.

I’ve been teaching and tutoring and writing articles and selling books – in fact, I can hardly remember what my husband looks like.  John spends his time fixing the boat.  Yesterday he crawled into the engine room to check the batteries (good!) and pump condensation water into the bilge – there was lots of it – with a $10.00 pump we bought second-hand at a swap meet last weekend.  The pump works well.  Today he installed a new float switch on one of the bilge pumps under the floorboards.  That pump now also works well.  In fact, all we have to do is fix the underwater leak in the galley, scrape and paint the bottom, buy a bit of new running rigging (our old rigging is a shame and a disgrace), and deal with whatever other problems arise, and they are cropping up on a daily basis.  What fun this is!  One takes a close look at one’s boat only when the weather is nice and one feels optimistic enough to deal with bad news.

Many blessings

Catherine Dook