John Darling shops for paint and other ramblings

It is a dangerous and horrible time of year, but John has once more risen to the occasion.  He is shopping for paint.  This is a task at which he does not excel.  Kindly, amiable and gullible as a newborn babe, John has in the past fallen prey to unscrupulous paint salespersons.  One year he came home with something he swore was ‘ice blue’ but was in fact ‘old lady lavender’ and we were the laughingstocks of Cowichan Bay.  “Little daisies,” Other John told us.  “You need little daisies all around the gunnels.”

When I first married John, he painted the deck a shade I called ‘diaper brown’, and then clung stubbornly to it as if his whole life was invested in that colour.  “I like it,” he told me.  Nobody else liked it.  In fact, the neighbours complained we were bringing down property values, but let it rest.

Spring has come, and John Darling is shopping for paint.

Pray for us all.

My latest book, now in print, is titled ‘Darling Call the Coast Guard, the Neighbours are Squabbling!’  I have a lifetime supply of books stored under the bakery.  I wouldn’t go so far as to call the environment rat-free, but perhaps what my customers don’t know won’t hurt them.  There is a MOST daunting pile of boxes along the back wall.  As John says, “You must know a lot of words.”  Presently, Volume I Bookstore in Duncan is carrying my latest, as well as Bucknucks, 10 Old Books and Pier 66 Convenience Store.  Also the Maritime Centre in Cowichan Bay and Old Crow Jewelry.

If I get too disgusted with trying to push books, we shall cast off our mooring lines and set sail this summer.  We have RV trips in our new Vandura planned, as well as some Gulf Island destinations by boat.  I am end-of-the-year teacher tired and ready for something new that involves sunlight.

Many blessings be upon you all,

Catherine Dook