Boats of the Bay – Inuksuk

Cowichan Bay B.C. – Boats of the Bay – From article by  s
  • Name: Inuksuk  (Inook-shook)DSCF6701-150x150
  • Type: Blue Water Capable Sailing Ketch
  • Length: 44 feet (14.65 m)
  • Weight: 23.5 tons (47,000 lbs)
  • Hull: Ferro-Cement
  • Owners: John and Catherine Dook

A few years ago, it was possible to wander down to the harbour and see good ferro-cement boats and bad ferro-cement boats. The age of the backyard builder was in full swing and ferro-cement had definite attractions for the do-it-yourself crowd. Cost of materials was one advantage, and it seemed as inexpensive to build a 50 foot hull as it was to build a 40 footer. Many were well built, but more than a few became projects in limbo, poorly planned and executed, a problem for everyone who would own or work on them.

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