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“Darling Call the Coast Guard the Neighbours are Squabbling!”

“Darling Call the Coast Guard the Neighbours are Squabbling!” is now available for 18.00 plus 4.00 postage. Catherine apologizes about the cost of postage, but the Canadian Postal Service is trying to turn a profit.

Boats of the Bay – Inuksuk

Cowichan Bay B.C. – Boats of the Bay – From article by  s
  • Name: Inuksuk  (Inook-shook)DSCF6701-150x150
  • Type: Blue Water Capable Sailing Ketch
  • Length: 44 feet (14.65 m)
  • Weight: 23.5 tons (47,000 lbs)
  • Hull: Ferro-Cement
  • Owners: John and Catherine Dook

A few years ago, it was possible to wander down to the harbour and see good ferro-cement boats and bad ferro-cement boats. The age of the backyard builder was in full swing and ferro-cement had definite attractions for the do-it-yourself crowd. Cost of materials was one advantage, and it seemed as inexpensive to build a 50 foot hull as it was to build a 40 footer. Many were well built, but more than a few became projects in limbo, poorly planned and executed, a problem for everyone who would own or work on them.

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