catherineCatherine Dook was born in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, and raised in Churchill, Manitoba. As a child she was warned to dodge polar bears on the way to school; as an adult she taught across the north, winning the Province of Alberta ‘Excellence in Teaching’ Award in 1993. She met her husband John, while she was teaching in Nunavut. Until she fell smack in love with him next to a photocopy machine, the only boat she’d been on was a ferry across the Mackenzie River. But John loved boats and the sea, and when he and Catherine married in 1996, she agreed to embark upon a new life living aboard their 44-foot sailboat Inuksuk. Had she known about the diesel oven in advance, she may have had second thoughts.
Catherine’s stories have appeared in Boat Journal and Pacific Northwest Boating, 48 North, RV Times and Edge YK. She and her husband John live happily aboard their s/v Inuksuk. Catherine substitute teaches, tutors and writes: John buys boat parts and fixes things. Mostly the head.

Her latest opus (Catherine’s seventh book), hot off the press, is called “Darling, The Gulf Islands have Moved – or our Anchor has!”  Her previous book “Darling don’t try this at Home, Recipes from Mottle Cove”, along with her other titles, sold briskly at last years Vancouver International Boat Show.


Catherine has been four times nominated for the: Stephen Leacock Memorial Medal for Humour

Mottle Cove Publishing

Mottle Cove Publishing

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